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Dynamic and static motor analysis

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MarVib DC 750


MarVib DC 750 is a modern measurement device designed to the overall vibration diagnostics of rotating machinery.  It is an universal measuring device functioning as a meter, vibration analyzer, tachometer and balancing machine. It can be used to the general vibration measurements, the estimation of machinery condition according to the norms, control the wear of bearings, measure the rotating speed and temperature, as well as analyze the reason for bad machinery condition and balance the impellers of fans and others. MarVib DC 750 serves also as a data collector able to gather and save the measurements results from the measurement points. It possesses also software which allows for  downloading the results, their analysis and archiving.

Overall vibration measurements

One of the basic functions of the device is the vibration analysis. Periodically gathered results of measurements and detailed observation of the trend create a broader image of the actual condition of machinery and the optimal plan of needed repairs. Additionally, MarVib is equipped with the norms which allow for the estimation of machinery condition immediately after the measurements and taking a proper decision about further steps.

Periodic measurements of signals generated by bearings help to assess the actual condition of bearing by various methods and precisely appoint the date of machinery exchange or repair. Thanks to that, the evaluation of bearing condition is easier and more effective.

Spectral analysis of vibrations

MarVib DC 750 allows for the precise localization of vibration source or the reason for bad machinery condition, for example, unbalancing or misalignment. The spectral analysis of signal’s envelope allows for better observation of damaged bearing or tooth wheel.


Temperature is an important source of diagnostic information as an increase of temperature in the bearing assembly unit may show that the greasing conditions are worsened or the bearing is broken.

Rotating speed

Implemented function of non-tactile rotating speed measurement is simple and comfortable. Special construction of laser sensor allows for easy installation and reliable measurement from the long distance.

Phase measurement

Phase measurement is beneficial in recognizing such defects as shaft misalignment, turbines diagnostics or bending hose.

Measurements gathering

All measurements results can be saved in the internal memory of the equipment. Each result is registered along with the date and hour of measurements. Simple and intuitive handling enables the user to quickly collect measurements results what substantially shortens time spent in strenuous conditions.


One of the most common reasons of bad machinery condition is the misalignment of rotating elements. MarVib DC 750 with the balancing function may solve these problems. It enables balancing of impellers on the place of installation without the dismantling and transport. The internal procedures of single surface or dual surface balancing count and provide values of corrective masses. The device leads the user through the consecutive steps of balancing so that the handling of equipment does not cause any troubles.

VM software

VM software enables the user to fully benefit from its opportunities. Periodically performed measurements along with the cooperation with software maintain gathered measurements in the proper order and effective leading of vibration diagnostics.

The most important functions of program:
-          Route measurements design;
-          Communication with the device;
-          Proper arrangements of gathered results;
-          Printed documentations;
-          Database creation;
-          Results in graphic form;