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Dynamic and static motor analysis

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Dynamic analysis of electic motors

Dynamic analysis of electric motors aims to assess the state of the electric motor during operation. This means that the test can be performed during operation, without disturbing operations. The analysis includes parameters of the motor, so you can assess the effectiveness of the operation. Tester is a fully portable, battery powered, low voltage measuring device of the highest class. The test provides information about:

  • Voltage level
  • Voltage unbalance
  • Condition of the rotor cage
  • Motor performance
  • Harmonic distortion and and total distortion
  • Effective service factor
  • Current overload
  • Motor operating conditions
  • Torque
  • Load

The test results are known immediately after test completion. The test does not interfere with operation of the machine and takes about 2 minutes. Measuring range of voltage is 1000 V, and our current clamps allow current measurement up to 3000 A. The test allows to determine motor condition and also helps to find the cause of incorrect operation.

The test procedure allows you to specify:

  • Power quality- it is possible to define the quality of power that can cause additional, excessive motor load.
  • Machine performance- by assessing the motor during operation it is possible to detect the malfunction and determine its cause.
  • Current- detects overcurrent and unbalance currents
  • Spectral analysis- allows to detect problems with the bars of the rotor cage
  • Torque- torque allows detection of overloading the motor and to detect problems with machine powered by the motor
  • The work of frequency converters- test allows the determination of devices controlled by the frequency converters. It is possible to observe the difference in rotational speed, torque and power over time.

The tests are recommended for detecting faults and solving problems with the drives, as well as a tool for preventive maintenance program.