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Dynamic and static motor analysis

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Tensiometric measurements

Tensometers (strain gauges) allows us to detect micro deformation of structures, machines and other objects. On the basis of this measurements we can calculate the real stress of the object during it's work.

Those measurements are helpful to check the real condition of:

  • Steel constructions
  • High pressure tanks , etc.


Torsional vibration measurements

Torsional vibration are common in rotating machinery driven by electric motors, diesel engines or turbines. High values of torsional vibrations could cause high stress in the machines. Those stresses can cause serious breakdown like:

  • Shaft breakdown
  • Coupling defects
  • Fast wear down of gearbox teeth, etc.

Early diagnosis of torsional vibrations problem allows to prevent the breakdowns, which repair costs can be high. Our high quality measurement system with telemetric (wireless) module allows us to perform measurements even in hard to reach places. We need only 70 mm of free length of shaft to install measurement equipment.


Real torque and power measurements

Torque and power measurements give us information about current efficiency of the propulsion system during normal operation conditions. Thanks to wireless module we can obtain:

  • Power and torque characteristic
  • Maximum values of power and torque 
  • Fuel (energy) consumption, etc.